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Visual Studio Code project manager using Alfred workflow

I spend a lot of time using Visual Studio Code, jumping from one project to another. To make it more efficient, I would love to have a simple project manager baked into the editor. I know there are many great plugins for it, but they are all too complex for my taste. I want to hit a shortcut, type the project’s name, hit enter and start working.

I don’t have enough time to build a plugin for it right now, maybe one day, but I found a moment to put together a simple Alfred workflow that does just that. Because I found it so helpful that I decided to share this idea with you. Look!

Alfred workflow to manage Visual Studio Code projects

Alfred workflow to manage Visual Studio Code projects in use

Because some degree of customization is required to make it work for you, I decided not to share a download link to the complete workflow file. It’s equally as easy to craft one as importing a file that requires some projects configuration.

Hopefully, that helps. I will catch you later 👊

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