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I have an Awesome Uses page too. For more geeky setup I highly encourage you to check my .dotfiles repository on GitHub.


For my day-to-day job I use mainly Visual Studio Code by Microsoft that I jump on after long years with Sublime Text. Hyper is my favorite Terminal alternative. Insomnia is my tool of choice to help me with REST APIs and GraphQL servers that normally run on separated containers with a little help of Docker. To debug front-end applications I tend to use Google Chrome or Google Chrome Canary when I am playing with some experimental features.

Talented people from Serif help me to escape the monopoly of Adobe applications. The Affinity Designer is an amazing alternative to an Illustrator, Affinity Photo to a Photoshop and Affinity Publisher to an InDesign. Capture One 12 Pro is a tool that helps me a lot with professional look of my photographs. Sketch and Figma are my favorite UX tools.

I cannot imagine a productive day of my life without 1Password, Alfred or Things. To help me with a smaller tasks I use bunch of other helper apps like: