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Top picks — 2023 March

Tether elements to each other with CSS anchor positioning

This article came out of nowhere. I have never heard that this feature is something that browser engineers are working on, and all of a sudden, Jhey drops this bomb. Very well explained with tons of less and more complicated examples. I am excited about being able to do it without JavaScript, but at the same time rapidly growing scope of CSS scares me.

Bash for Beginners

If you work as a developer, you must admit that avoiding some basic shell knowledge is hard. I rarely use bash or any other shell scripts, but when I need to, I rely purely on Stack Overflow. This quick course helped me a lot.

Introducing Signals

I have never been a big fan of React hooks, especially all these crazy complicated patterns with memoization and useCallbacks. It always felt like something that the framework should handle for us. My intuition was correct because it was not only my concern. We hear more and more about signals, a new paradigm to manage the state of applications and components that removes this mental gymnastics to keep things working optimally. This article by Marvin Hagemeister and Jason Miller is the best explanation of Signals I have read.


From the creators of Atom, Zed is the new code editor that promises high performance, collaboration features, a built-in terminal, a command palette, support for familiar language servers, themes support and anything you could expect from a modern code editor. I love seeing some competition on the market. I love using Visual Studio Code, but it can be slow, and the number of new features can be overwhelming. Zed promises performance even better than Sublime Text but without sacrificing functionality. I am looking forward to the future of this project!

Announcing TypeScript 5.0

The fifth version of TS just landed with support for decorators and impressive performance optimizations. It is hard not to care about TS nowadays, and this release comes with a few more new reasons to get familiar with this superset of JavaScript. I recently bought Total TypeScript by Matt Pocock, and I cannot recommend it enough! So far, I have accomplished just the first section of paid material, and I already feel like a TS wizard.

Podcast Standards Project | Advocating for open podcasting

Please do not let Spotify and other giants kill podcasting. Podcasting, in its simplicity, is one of the most beautiful Web inventions ever, and there are better ways to go than hiding some of its parts behind a paywall or player exclusive to a company. Please support open podcasting!

Announcing the GitHub Actions extension for VS Code

Managing, monitoring and triggering GitHub Actions without leaving your code editor — yes, please! I am pleased about this announcement. Using this extension on top of GitHub Pull Requests and Issues rarely forces me to leave Visual Studio Code. Also, the syntax highlighting and built-in documentation preview for action is helpful.

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