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Top picks — 2023 June

You have just landed on the 100th edition of my monthly top picks. I started this series in March 2015, and without a single break, I have been sharing good stuff with you every month. I’m not sure how many regular readers of this series I have, but I am very grateful to each and every one of you. If you like what I do, buy me a cup of good americano to say thank you. Let’s get to the best resources I found in June 2023 without further ado.

Stop Rewriting Your CSS! Use :not() Instead

Zoran Jambor, the guy behind CSS Weekly, shared a great list of use cases for the CSS :not() pseudo-class. It all originated from a tweet where he asked about people’s favorite use cases, and it ended up as a well-put-together video.

Hands on with the Node.js test runner

This article by Phil Nash is a great resource if you have the itch to replace your current test runner with a built-in Node.js one. The examples cover the basics, mention more advanced use cases, and touch on the future of the Node.js test runner.

Web technology sessions at WWDC23

We are post-WWDC23, Apple’s annual developer conference. The WebKit team crafted a list of sessions for web developers. I’m very excited about some of the changes coming to Safari this year — a ridiculous amount of bleeding-edge CSS features, new media formats, redesigned Web Inspector, and more. Additionally, understanding how to prepare your web projects for the latest spacial computing on VisionOS is necessary.

CSS Day 2023 — YouTube Playlist

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to fly to Amsterdam for CSS Day 2023, but I followed along on YouTube. There were so many great talks this year. I am really excited about how great CSS is becoming. Several presenters mentioned that we don’t have enough CSS-oriented events. I hope to see more of them, but if not, I’ll see you all at CSS Day 2024. There’s no chance I’m missing it next year.

Cyclic Dependency Space Toggles

This is the most mind-bending CSS technique that I have heard of in a while. Deliberate cyclic dependencies force invalidity and obscure techniques to fall back to nothing. My mind literally exploded when I read this article.

Config 2023 Product Launch Keynote

I can tell that Figma Config Conf is like any Apple conference before COVID (Apple conferences post-pandemic are pre-recorded). The same vibe, announcement style, just a little more laid back. I like it. But let’s not talk about the conference style. Let’s talk about the content. Wow! Figma is no longer a simple tool to design static visuals—it is a full-blown architecture to design, prototype, and collaborate with product owners and developers. Variables, Dev mode, improvements to the auto layout, dark mode support, size constraints, and more. I’m very excited!

The gotchas of CSS Nesting

CSS Nesting is available in most modern browsers (we are waiting for Firefox to catch up), and it is enough reason for many to move away from preprocessors to vanilla CSS. It behaves slightly differently than you may expect, so it’s worth reading this article by Kilian Valkhof to understand the gotchas.

Introducing Proton Pass – Protecting your passwords and online identity

If you still use a single password for all your online services, now is a good opportunity to change that. Proton Pass is a new service in Proton’s portfolio and it has everything you need from a great password manager — end-to-end encryption, great user experience, and a generous free plan to try it out. Also, for a limited time, they are offering an 80% discount on the Pass Plus plan. I have been a happy user of 1Password for many years, but I’m always glad to see more competition in this space. I know that authoring Safari extensions is not the easiest thing in the world, but come on, Proton!


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