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Top picks — 2023 July

Sass in the Browser

Better late than never. The only reason people would like to use Less over Sass was the ability to compile it in the browser. Now Sass can do it too. With the natively supported nesting and custom properties (CSS variables), it is not as appealing anymore but still fantastic.

Modern Software Development Summarized

That is just on point! Funny but also super accurate.

I am leaving

The current state of social media platforms in one short video. Beautiful work by Heydon.

CEO Announcement to the Netlify team

One of my favourite companies in the web ecosystem is going through hard times. It is devastating to see the best proponents of JAMstack and the web, in general, struggling. A very nice explanation of the current business situation was given by the CEO, Matt Biilmann.

The syndicate

Following the social media drama that we are all experiencing, Jeremy Keith shares his approach. The only social media profile is your personal website; others are just syndication channels. Brilliant!

CSS Findings From The Threads App

Ahmad Shadeed shares interesting CSS findings from the Threads app. I love his series of posts where he explores the codebases of popular social media platforms and shares intriguing insights. I genuinely admire Ahmad’s curiosity and meticulous attention to detail.

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