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Top picks — 2023 January

HTML with Superpowers

Dave Rupert, as part of his Web Components course on Frontend Masters, also prepared this handy and short guidebook about the subject. From now on, it is not only accessible for the members, but it is publically available. It is a quick read but very useful for everyone new to Web Components.

Introducing required workflows and configuration variables to GitHub Actions

This blog post is a significant improvement to GitHub Actions. Even though I am not a target user for required workflows, I can see how helpful it can be for big organisations. I am well excited about the second one, configurations variables. Not everything needs to be a secret.

Validate AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates with CloudFormation Linter to speed up development

I spent almost two years of my life messing around with CloudFormation templates. The cfn-lint CLI was one of the most helpful tools in this process. So I am happy to see this one being merged with AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) CLI.

Announcing Rust Support in CodeSandbox

Rust, one of the most loved languages by developers, is getting increasingly popular within the Web Developers community. CodeSandbox just dropped support for it. This is so so so cool and another vital sign to pay closer attention to this language.

Astro 2.0

Hugo is my favourite static site generator, and I have used it on this website for quite a few years. When Astro came out for the first time, I had an idea to rewrite this blog using this exact tool. Being conscious of my time, I followed the good old rule of not fixing something if it is not broken. From now on, Astro is even more appealing. I want to have an opportunity to build a little project where I will try it. The new version comes with type-safe Markdown editing, hybrid rendering, improvements to hot module reloading, modernized build tooling based on Vite 4 and much more.

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