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Top picks — 2023 February

Netlify Acquires Gatsby Inc. to Accelerate Adoption of Composable Web Architectures

One of the best frameworks from the JAMStack family was acquired by Netlify — my favourite hosting company. So even tho Gatsby is not something I have been using a lot, I believe it nicely fits into Netlify’s ideology.

Pushing Interop Forward in 2023

Top Web giants came together to improve the interoperability of the Web platform as a whole. Apple, Bocoup, Google, Igalia, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working together on web standards which resulted in significant improvements last year. This year will be similar, and looking at the main focus areas, the Web’s future seems promising. Color spaces and functions, container queries, font feature detection and palettes, inert, modules, to name a few, which I am excited about. The web-platform-tests dashboard is a handy up-to-date resource where we can track the progress of each vendor.

The Third Browser War

When writing this article, using Web context driven by an engine other than Apple’s WebKit is against Apple’s developer guidelines. This didn’t scare other Web giants to work in the background on browsers based on Google’s Chromium and Firefoxe’s Geco. Is it just playing ahead of the game, assuming Apple will change their policy? They may know more than we do about some upcoming changes. I don’t know, but opening iOS for new engines will be significant in this industry. Subject worth following.

React.js: The Documentary

Honeypot is well known for its high-quality video productions about open-source project development. They released a big one about React.js, which is outstandingly good. I enjoyed every single second of this production. From the early days and the very sceptically received presentation, through the polishing process, to the trophy of the most popular framework nowadays.

High Definition CSS Color Guide

This resource by Adam Argyle is a gem. Lengthy but absolutely worth reading. It is the resource you should read if you need clarification about the recent hype about new color notations, spaces and gamuts introduced by the CSS Color Module Level 4.

Use Maps More and Objects Less

This an excellent reminder from Steve Sewell from about the potential of Maps and Sets in JavaScript and why we should use them more often instead of Sets and Maps. When are they better than objects, and what are their little-known benefits? Excellent read.

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