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Top picks — 2023 April

Rust Trademark Policy Comment Form

In August last year, the Rust Foundation stated a desire to take action to enforce a set of rules around the trademark policy. In principle, it is a good thing, but the execution was a reason for well-articulated complaints. Please give it a read and submit your feedback. We, as a community, can help protect the trademark and still freely contribute to the Rust ecosystem without fear of violating the rules.

The Acronyms of Rendering on the Web

In modern front-end development, getting lost in many rendering techniques is easy. The fact that people use acronyms when talking about rendering methods doesn’t help. This article by Salma Alam-Naylor is a helpful reference if you are confused between SR, SSR, CSR, SSG, ISR, DPR, ESR and others.

Node.js 20 is now available!

Node v20.0.0 just landed, and it is packed with new features. Inspired by the Deno permission model is an experimental mechanism for resources. It also supports all new ECMAScript 2023 features, makes a test runner stable, improves the performance of the URL parser and a lot more. Pretty exciting release!

It’s time to learn oklch color

CSS is getting a lot of new features lately. A significant category of them is related to colours. Keith J. Grant explains why we should start using the latest colour space called oklch. Is it going to be the next one to rule them all for the next decade?

Dialogs and popovers seem similar. How are they different?

One of the recent episodes podcast titled “Modals, Popups, Popovers, Lightboxes” triggered my curiosity, and I started to wonder about the differences between these UI components. Not long after, I found this article by Hidde de Vries that goes in-depth about all these concepts and explains how to use them properly. Who would have thought there was as much to learn about dialogues and popovers?

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