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Top picks — 2022 November

Remixing Shopify

Big news in React world. One of the most influential frameworks in the ecosystem, Remix, mered the powers with the Shopify team. Both companies heavily invested in React in the past, and they definitely pushed it forward. Even though I have never had a chance to play around with Remix, I admire the core contributors. I am looking forward to the future of Remix.

Deno 1.28: Featuring 1.3 Million New Modules

The latest release of Deno makes npm compatibility stable. It is fantastic news and surely will lower the entry barrier. The secure, by default Deno, will also prevent malicious packages from doing nasty things. Executing unwanted functionality internally in the module cannot be stopped in Node.js, so there is also an advantage of using Deno. I am going to use Deno even more from now on.

AWS Lambda adds support for Node.js 18

This is well-appreciated news from the AWS team. AWS Lambda is Node.js 18 ready now. The main practical difference is fetch() added to the runtime, so you may not need axios or any other HTTP request libs from now on.

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSS

Unsurprisingly, the Web Development community went crazy about this article by Josh W. Comeau. It is the best explainer of the CSS flex model I have ever read. This article builds a great mental model about this powerful layout system, provides simple and good explanations of complex subjects and is full of good interactive examples.

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