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Top picks — 2022 June

Fastify v4 GA

My favourite Node.js framework just hit version 4. It comes with many great features and improvements like new error handling composition, typings out of the box, a bunch of router improvements, performance boost and a lot more.

The third age of JavaScript: Three years in - Swyx

Shawn Wang gave this talk at the Reactathon 2022 conference a few weeks ago. It is an excellent summary of the JavaScript ecosystem’s progress and a review of the high-pacing evolution of this language. The presentation concludes with some future predictions.

Go ahead, delete your .env.example file

I always read news on the 1Password blog with excitement. This one is not an exception because how this company improves DX (Developer Experience) is incredible. This solution allows for the management and sharing environmental variables across the team. This method is a massive improvement over error-prone copying and pasting secrets repeatedly.

News from WWDC22: WebKit Features in Safari 16 Beta

The list of features added to the new Safari 16 is extended and meaty. Luckily, the WebKit team published an excellent summary of them in this one article. So hopefully, you no longer think that “Safari is the new IE”.

GitHub Skills

The GitHub team created a few helpful documents to help you learn how to use GitHub. Topics span from basics like making your first commit or pull request to very advanced like managing your CI/CD pipelines. Very well thought out and put together. I love that they are little repositories with Markdown files, nothing else. Simple and helpful.


Exactly what it says on the tin.

Why bother with a random green when you can choose to be a #BADA55!

Jeremy Keith | In And Out Of Style | CSS Day 2022

This fantastic talk by Jeremy Keith is mainly about history but leaves us with a perfect lesson about building the Web in the future. Jeremy is an incredible speaker and massive advocate of the Web as a platform. Big inspiration!

git assume-unchanged. For when you want git to ignore an edit for a while

So many times, I accidentally committed some configuration changes to the remote repository. It will not happen anymore because now I know about git assume-unchanged command.

AbortController is your friend

Sam’s article is full of use cases for AbortController. Based on this post, I published a brief TIL-like article about aborting DOM event listeners the other day. Very friendly and helpful read.

The JavaScript block statement

This post explains a nice tip: how we can use block statements in JavaScript to better code organizations. Of course, I rarely have to use things like that, but it was a good reminder that I could do so.

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