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Top picks — 2022 December

How to use HTTP2 with Express.js and test it locally

This article is a quick tutorial by Nick Scialli on creating an HTTP2-compatible Express.js server. Well explained, complete solution. It will work fine with other popular Node.js frameworks like my favourite Fastify.

New npm features for secure publishing and safe consumption

Granular control over the npm access tokens is a feature I have been waiting for for ages. It will make our life much easier, especially for those working on more significant organizations or contributors to large open-source projects. A new code explorer directly integrated with the npm website is also a sick feature.

Rewriting TypeScript in Rust? You’d have to be…

The TypeScript compiler is crazy complex. Only the type-checking part is 2.6MB of raw TypeScript. Speaking of the language that the TypeScript compiler is written in — TypeScript is made using TypeScript. There is plenty of advantages, but performance is not one of them. Due to this project’s complexity, no one ever tried to rewrite it until very recently, DongYoon Kang opened-sourced of this Rust-based compiler called stc. Matt Pocock, better known as “The Rodney Mullen of TypeScript”, interviewed DongYoon about the project. I am looking forward to the future of this project.

Discussing tRPC & GraphQL with Theo Browne & Max Stoiber

The fascinating debate about tRPC and GraphQL. I am keen to finally try tRPC as it is a much better fit for the type of projects I am working on. It looks like I am not the only one who thinks so.

React Router in Depth

The Net Ninja YouTube channel is an excellent source of knowledge, and I learned a lot from the author, Shaun Pelling. This playlist is a short series on React Router. Even though I used this package many times before, this series helped me to understand all the recent changes to the API. We live in the new generation of routers, with a much easier solution to provide layouts and nested routes without silly copy-pasting. Remix was the first to introduce this concept (I am talking about the JS ecosystem, I am sure some PHP/Ruby frameworks have had it for years). The same pattern is now used in Next.js and React Router.

ECMAScript proposal: Set methods

ECMAScript sets are the most underrated data structures in the language, and they are underused. This article by Dr Axel Rauschmayer is an excellent introduction to the new methods that will be added to the Set prototype. This proposal is currently in stage 3, which means it is ready to be implemented in browsers and Node.js. Will we see this in the next major release of ECMAScript? I hope so!

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