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Top picks — 2022 August

Agile & Scrum Don’t Work | Allen Holub In The Engineering Room Ep. 9 #

This chat is a fascinating conversation between two mature software engineers about the “agile” ways of working nowadays and why so many people misinterpret them. I became a fan of Allen after this interview. After listening to this interview, one of the great resources worth checking is Allen’s “Heuristics for Effective Organizations: A continuously evolving list”. It may be controversial to business-oriented people, but it is worth sharing with your colleagues.

Responsive Faux 3D Content Scroller ✨ #

I learned a ton from this short (1 minute) speedy CSS tip by Jhey Tompkins. The overlay value for overflow, some cool CSS scroll snapping magic, and more. I need more content like this in my life.

Astro 1.0 #

Based on the Island Architecture, framework agnostic Astro, SSR-ready page generator just hit stable release 1.0. It is an excellent option for everyone looking for a tool to generate a static website, using the content from wherever you want and with a low learning curve because it works just fine with the tooling you already know and love.

How to force push git branches without the –force flag #

Stefan’s blog is incredible. He posts many little TIL-like posts about all sorts of programming-related topics. This little post is a perfect example — a quick read that makes a big difference in your day-to-day life.

Adam Argyle | Oh Snap! | CSS Day 2022 #

Recently I have been exploring a lot of CSS scroll-snap properties. This thing is much more powerful than I thought. This talk by Adam is a well-organized knowledge about everything you have to know about CSS scroll-snap. It is around 40 minutes of presentation, but it took me about 2 hours to watch because it is so information-dense.

Deno 1.25 Release Notes #

A new version of Deno is massive because it has experimental support for npm modules. This feature will open a gigantic gate to people keen to migrate their scripts from Node.js to Deno (like me). The new init command is also a sweet add-on. Aso, the new HTTP server API is shockingly fast. Excellent release overall.

Announcing Crawlee: the web scraping and browser automation library #

The Crawlee is a new Node.js crawler by the team behind Apify. It looks like a super versatile option packed with many useful options like proxies, TS support, helpful CLI and plenty more.

Oven #

Oven, the company behind Bun, has raised $7m in funding led by Kleiner Perkins.

This is amazing to see the rapid growth of a new JavaScript runtime. After a warm welcome from Deno, I didn’t expect But to explode so rapidly. Plans for this Zig-based runtime are ambitious: end-to-end integration of the entire JavaScript stack (down to the hardware), integration with frontend and backend frameworks and more. Exciting times.

Using :has() as a CSS Parent Selector and much more #

In this article, Jen Simmons from Safari & Webkit team explains the power of :has pseudo-class. Some of the examples in this article are mind-blowing. Excellent summary.

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