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Top picks — 2022 August

Agile & Scrum Don’t Work | Allen Holub In The Engineering Room Ep. 9

This chat is a fascinating conversation between two mature software engineers about the “agile” ways of working nowadays and why so many people misinterpret them. I became a fan of Allen after this interview. After listening to this interview, one of the great resources worth checking is Allen’s “Heuristics for Effective Organizations: A continuously evolving list”. It may be controversial to business-oriented people, but it is worth sharing with your colleagues.

Responsive Faux 3D Content Scroller ✨

I learned a ton from this short (1 minute) speedy CSS tip by Jhey Tompkins. The overlay value for overflow, some cool CSS scroll snapping magic, and more. I need more content like this in my life.

Astro 1.0

Based on the Island Architecture, framework agnostic Astro, SSR-ready page generator just hit stable release 1.0. It is an excellent option for everyone looking for a tool to generate a static website, using the content from wherever you want and with a low learning curve because it works just fine with the tooling you already know and love.

How to force push git branches without the –force flag

Stefan’s blog is incredible. He posts many little TIL-like posts about all sorts of programming-related topics. This little post is a perfect example — a quick read that makes a big difference in your day-to-day life.

Adam Argyle | Oh Snap! | CSS Day 2022

Recently I have been exploring a lot of CSS scroll-snap properties. This thing is much more powerful than I thought. This talk by Adam is a well-organized knowledge about everything you have to know about CSS scroll-snap. It is around 40 minutes of presentation, but it took me about 2 hours to watch because it is so information-dense.

Deno 1.25 Release Notes

A new version of Deno is massive because it has experimental support for npm modules. This feature will open a gigantic gate to people keen to migrate their scripts from Node.js to Deno (like me). The new init command is also a sweet add-on. Aso, the new HTTP server API is shockingly fast. Excellent release overall.

Announcing Crawlee: the web scraping and browser automation library

The Crawlee is a new Node.js crawler by the team behind Apify. It looks like a super versatile option packed with many useful options like proxies, TS support, helpful CLI and plenty more.


Oven, the company behind Bun, has raised $7m in funding led by Kleiner Perkins.

This is amazing to see the rapid growth of a new JavaScript runtime. After a warm welcome from Deno, I didn’t expect But to explode so rapidly. Plans for this Zig-based runtime are ambitious: end-to-end integration of the entire JavaScript stack (down to the hardware), integration with frontend and backend frameworks and more. Exciting times.

Using :has() as a CSS Parent Selector and much more

In this article, Jen Simmons from Safari & Webkit team explains the power of :has pseudo-class. Some of the examples in this article are mind-blowing. Excellent summary.

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