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Top picks — 2021 October

How I built a modern website in 2021

He did it and is probably the most hyper lunch for a personal website in The World Wide Web history. But, when [Kent C. Dodds](Kent C. Dodds) does something, it is done right. His new website looks stunning, and it is full of the very cool tech behind it. This article is an in-depth guide about building a website in 2021 is a great read.

Conditional Border Radius In CSS

CSS is excellent, but sometimes it blows my mind. This little trick taken from Facebook’s source code is crazy cool! Ahmad Shadeed tears it apart and shows you how to use it.


This resource created by Steve Faulkner, Scott O’no and Patrick H. Lauke is golden! That should be an instant bookmark for all Front End Developers. Examples of incorrect use and all possible variations of valid ARIA role states in one place.

Announcing Parcel v2!

My favourite web bundler just got an update to version 2.0. A bunch of great news is coming, like the new plugin system, tree shaking by default, performance boost, code splitting, image manipulations, better hot module reloading and a lot more.

Achieve up to 34% better price/performance with AWS Lambda Functions powered by AWS Graviton2 processor

I have great news for all AWS Lambda users out there. In some cases, you can get a performance boost and save some money by changing the underlying technology architecture. “AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processor – Run Your Functions on Arm and Get Up to 34% Better Price Performance” goes more into technical details and suggest a great way to measure the difference.!)

Usually, when people buy a domain to build something cool on top of it, it results in wasted money eventually. The visual Studio Code team is different. They used a domain purchased years ago to port our favourite editor from the Electron app to a fully functional editor in the browser. Insane and so helpful. I tested this one on my iPad Pro a moment ago, and it works well!

Can I include a tag to a tag?

Check if you can include a tag to a tag, and find out why it is not possible. I love this kind of little helper. This one is convenient for all Frontenders.

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