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Top picks — 2021 November

button elements offer attributes to change form behavior

By default, the button within the form element sends a POST request to the form’s action URL with application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoded data as long as the inputs values are valid. However, it looks like we can override this functionality using formaction, formenctype, formmethod and formnovalidate attributes. Stefan Judis explains it well in this article.

Web Performance Metrics Cheatsheet

Ire Aderinokun created this handy resource that summarises all the Core Web Performance Metrics targets in one cheat sheet. Each of the metrics is also nicely explained.

How the TypeScript Compiler Compiles - understanding the compiler internal

Orta Therox shared this high-level overview of the TypeScript compiler and all its internal workings. It is so exciting and very well explained. Orta is an incredible technical instructor!


I like checking new ECMAScript proposals, but traversing GitHub readme files is not the best user experience. This website makes it much easier and presents all proposals, categorised by stages and popularity based on GitHub stars. Handy resource.

Get started with validation in Node.js

This article by Simon Plenderleith is a great primer to use JSON Schema Validator in Node.js. Simon explained all the benefits of using this validation technique and provided links to resources that can help us generate schemas and use them in different programming languages.

A Simple Explanation of Function Overloading in TypeScript

Dmitri Pavlutin published a great post about function overloading in TypeScript. Even though I don’t use this TS feature too often, I learned a few things from this post.

AWS Lambda now supports event filtering for Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Kinesis as event sources

This announcement can save you or your company a lot of money. There is no need to write a separate logic to filter kinds of events on a Lambda level with this feature. Configuration can capture events of interest, and the remaining ones are ignored — no need to invoke function at all.

Fleet - Next-generation IDE by JetBrains

A quick and lightweight text editor with IDE features built by JetBrains is coming. It looks like distributed deployment and collaboration tools are coming built-in. The design also looks top notch. It has a built-in terminal, git support, debugger, theming support, plugins, and all the things you would expect from an app like this in 2022. I am very interested in this one, and I am glad that some real competitor for Visual Studio Code is coming.

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