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Top picks — 2021 June

React 18 Alpha is out! Now what?

Cassidy Williams published this excellent intro to all new goodies in React Alpha 18. The New Root API, Suspense, Concurrent features and more. Quick and concise write-up.

Pluralsight to Acquire A Cloud Guru to Accelerate Solving the Single Biggest Challenge in IT Today: The Growing Cloud Skills Gap

We have a clear winner in online learning platforms now, and this announcement makes my opinion even stronger. Not long ago, A Cloud Guru acquired The Linux Academy, making their product even more substantial. Now, a more prominent player came into the game to acquires A Cloud Guru — Pluralsight. Pluralsight has many high-quality courses for beginner and mid-level engineers and very advanced materials for senior-level programmers. I am very excited about this news and looking forward to the future of this platform.

Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript

Bring your own framework (BYOF), 100% static, on-demand components, fully-featured, and SEO are the primary core design principles followed by developers who build Astro. A new generation of static site generators cherry-picked the best parts from other popular tools of this category like Eleventy, Hugo, or Jekyll. It is worth paying attention to it because everything built by Fred K. Schott is somewhat revolutionary.

WebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21

Safari 15, announced on WWDC2021, is a revolutionary release. Revamped design, new web inspector, a significant number of new features. You can read all about it on this handy page that puts together all things expected soon. A talk from WWDC is attached to every single one of the subjects here. Since Safari is my daily driver for bot systems (macOS and iOS), I am looking forward to this release.

Next.js 11

Next.js team doesn’t stop — the new version is coming with a bunch of improvements to make sure you never compromise performance, security, and accessibility. ESLint support out of the box, script optimization using next/script component, automatic images size detection using component, image placeholders. CRA (create-react-app) migration is a crazy excellent idea! Probably the most exciting feature is the Next.js Live — preview releases with fantastic collaboration features. I think it will be the future of passing feedback about the web projects soon.

Exploring Deno Land 🦕

A great episode of Changelog podcast with Ryan Dahl — the original creator of Node.js. He goes through some regrets about the Node.js design and also reveals one minor design flaw of Deno. Great exploration of Deno land in general, its dependencies system, security model and built-in utilities. This episode s full of pretty bold statements from Ryan, but no spoilers. Go and listen to it by yourself.

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