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Top picks — 2021 July

In JS functions, the ‘last’ return wins #

So we all know that in JavaScript, code declared after the return keyword is ignored and will not be executed by the runtime. But is it that simple? Jake Archibald from the Google team explains this one.

Encoding data for POST requests #

Jake is on fire this month. This article explains how to send data to the server, encode it, and some interesting facts and differences between browser implementations.

GitHub Copilot #

The GitHub team put together your AI pair programmer. Who can have better source code samples than GitHub to train the machine learning engine. Also, I saw some crazy incredible (and sometimes funny) stuff generator by GitHub Copilot. By the way — this landing page looks nice!

npm audit: Broken by Design #

Dan Abramov from React Core team shares his thoughts about the npm audit tool. Interesting subject to follow as I am sure npm team will come up with some more user-friendly solutions in the following versions of CLI.

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