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Top picks — 2021 April

undici — An HTTP/1.1 client, written from scratch for Node.js

A new HTTP client that most likely will become part of Node.js in the future. For now, we can use it as a standalone module. Looking at the performance, it is looking pretty sick!

Website Carbon Calculator | How is your website impacting the planet?

I am sure that you have a very well optimized and SEO-friendly website by now, but have you ever wondered how eco-friendly your website is? This tool allows you to check the carbon emissions generated by browsing your web project. Do you think it may become an impactful metric in your website’s popularity rank in the future? I hope so!

JavaScript Temporal API- A Fix for the Date API

An excellent comparison of the new Temporal API and Date API in JavaScript by Nathan Sebhastian. This article presents the Date API’s problematic parts and how to solve them using the new Temporal API. In my opinion, this is one of the most revolutionary APIs in JavaScript introduced since ECMAScript 2015.

Announcing Native TypeScript Support for Netlify Functions

TypeScript adoption by popular services and runtimes is going crazy. Netlify functions just got native support for this superset of JavaScript. What’s next? Maybe the browser?! Exciting times!

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