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Top picks — 2020 September

TypeScript + React: Why I don’t use React.FC

Stefan Baumgartner shares a few solid reasons to reconsider using React.FC<> on your next TypeScript project. I have been using for quite a while now and very rarely come across issues identified in this post, but definitely, it is wort to reconsider.

Preload late-discovered Hero images faster

Addy Osmani already shared multiple helpful resources about preload and pre-connect. This one blew my mind — you can preload responsive images using imagesrcset and imagesizes attributes. Wow!

Panic - Nova

I am a Visual Studio Code die-hard lover not because it the developers’ dream but because simply there is not a different option that helps me to do my job. It is amazing to see a new player in the space of code editors. Nova by Panic, the company behind other tools that I like and use. I am sure it will trigger a healthy competition between products and naturally make code editors space better.

AVIF has landed

Jake Archibald compares the new image format to the older alternatives. Deep dive into pros and cons and tons of interesting facts about the graphics compression in general. Great read!

GitHub CLI 1.0 is now available

GitHub CLI finally hit stable version 1.0. This command-line tool allows us to run the whole GitHub workflow without leaving the Terminal. From creating issues, browsing merge requests to checking pipeline checks. Sweet!

v3.0.0 One Piece

It has finally arrived, Vue 3.0 is here. Filled with a bunch of new concepts and ideas and to top it off, amazing brand new documentation. Even though I am more a React dude, I like what is happening in the Vue community.

Please Stop Writing Your Own User Authentication Code

About the potential risks of running your own authentication service for your app. ItalyPaleAle lists his favourite IAAS (Identity-as-a-Service) providers and describes the flow of implementing authentication.

Introducing the New JSX Transform

JSX is just an abstraction on top of the React.createElement method. This announcement presents some nice improvements to the currently existing transforms. No need to import React just to use a piece JSX any more people.

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