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Top picks — 2020 October

Workers Durable Objects Beta: A New Approach to Stateful Serverless

Revolutionary announcement from CloudFlare for everyone interested in building efficient real-time applications. The key is the persistent state on the edge worker. A fantastic way of building live chats, game servers or some IoT controllers.

How CSS Perspective Works

This article about CSS perspective property written by Amit Sheen is golden. Perspective has always been one of the most confusing parts of CSS for me. Nice examples that help to embrace the concepts described in a post and clear explanations made this resource a spot in my monthly top picks.

Open-source self-hosted comments for a static website

One of the big changes on this website that I am planning shorly is to ditch Disqus commenting system. It is not too performance-optimized neither privacy oriented. I don’t need my readers to be tracked — I want them to have a good place to discuss the subject. There is plenty of open-source alternatives to it, but which one should I choose? This resource was very helpful for me to shape my decision.

Julia Mono

There is a new monospaced font on the market geeks! It is free, easy to use and available for all major platforms.

Say goodbye to resource-caching across sites and domains

This is the best explanation of cross-site resource caching, its current state and changes that are coming to the browsers soon that are going to make things a bit more complicated.

Presenting v7.0.0 of the npm CLI

A next big release of the most popular node package manager is coming. Version 7 will get support for frequently requested workspaces and full compatibility with yarn CLI. On top of that, it comes with a bunch of other improvements.

Slashing layout cost with content-visibility - HTTP 203

CSS language evolves pretty rapidly and one of the most confusing things recently added to the CSS specification is content-visibility property. There is no other resource that helped me to understand its power better than this video by Surma and Jake.

Node.js v15.0.0 is here!

Node.js version 15 just landed full of new capabilities: AbortController, N-API Version 7, npm 7, throwing on unhandled rejections, QUIC, V8 8.6 and more. I am the most excited about the npm in version 7 that comes with this version of the runtime.

Next.js 10

Announced during the Next.js Conf version 10 of my favourite framework for building scalable web projects comes with a bunch of exciting features. Automatic image optimization using dedicated <Image /> component, built-in primitives for internationalization, anonymous analytics, rich set of tools for commerce projects and more. There is not a lot of things that excite me more than Next.js nowadays and I am super pumped about this announcement.

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