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Top picks — 2020 May

Introducing Insomnia Designer

Insomnia is my favourite REST API client. I am very excited about just announced Insomnia Designer — a tool to help us edit and share OpenAPI specifications. It is looking polished, well-though piece of software, just like the Insomnia Core.

GitHub Codespaces — Your instant dev environment

Another month and another big announcement from GitHub team. The full Visual Studio Code experience without leaving GitHub website. Really full experience — code, build, debug, manage plugins, install dependencies etc. Always accessible in your browser. List of an early-access testers is open and I cannot wait to try it out. There is a bunch more cool stuff announced on GitHub Satellite 2020. Have a look at this short video by Bytesized that summarized all new features in 15 minutes.

Logical assignment

The ability to combine logical operations with assignment has always been missing in JavaScript language. Until now! This short article by Shu-yu Guo explains everything that you have to know about the subject.

Exciting Things on the Horizon For CSS Layout

Quick summary of cool layout features that are coming to CSS specification soon. Thanks for sharing Michelle Barker.

Deno 1.0

It is official now. First version of new JavaScript runtime hit a stable v1. Decentralized modules/plugins support, Promise based API, easy to understand permission system, TypeScript support and without bad design decisions included in Node.js. This is worth to follow.

Introducing MongoDB for VS Code

I have never been a big fun of MongoDB Compass, the official GUI client for MongoDB. It is a very heavy, slow Electron based app with less than average user experience. Announcement of MongoDB for VSCode is the best thing that ever happened to people who need to browse, manipulate or test databases. It is fast, user experience is second to none, it has just right amount of features needed to accomplish majority of tasks. Thanks MongoDB team!

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