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Top picks — 2020 March

Why the GOV.UK Design System team changed the input type for numbers

A few consideration behind the number type input. This article provides a solutions for well articulated problems. I love accessibility reads like this, especially from Gov UK team.

MonoLisa - A font family designed for software developers. Font follows function

There is not a lot of great font choices for developers. Mono Lisa looks very modern, supports all ligatures that some developers love (some hate), nice wider footprint and is presented on a stunning presentational website. Check this one out.

npm is joining GitHub

GitHub acquires npm! Main focus after the deal closes will be to improve the platform infrastructure, make the core experiences better and engage more with JavaScript community. In a long run we may expect massively improved security of a registry and smoother integration with GitHub Packages.

The amazing energy and creativity of millions of JavaScript developers is evident every day in the work that appears in npm. We are honored to support that community in a new way. The future of npm and the JavaScript ecosystem is very bright.

Different Favicon for Development

Chris Coyier gives a great tip to differentiate a production and development websites. Apart from a great tip he expresses his frustration about the favicon standard and I cannot agree more with this gentleman.

CSS :nth-of-class selector

The :nth-of-class CSS selector is one of the most frequently requested features. Turns out that there is a feature that will help us to achieve this (and a lot more). This great article by Bram(us) Van Damme explains it very well.

CSS Can Influence Screenreaders

Shocking impact of CSS on screen readers. Ben Myers did a fantastic job of illustrating potential accessibility issue that we may accidentally introduce by CSS. One of the best accessibility articles that I have read in a while.

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