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Top picks — 2020 June

The Last of Us Part II isn’t just Naughty Dog’s most ambitious game — it’s the most accessible, too

It is fantastic to see that accessibility features are considered early in the process of game creation, not like an afterthought that very often happens in the tech industry. Naughty Dog did an amazing job by introducing a plethora of features like high-contrast mode or magnification feature. I am not a big gamer, but this one I pre-ordered months ago. After reading this I appreciate the masterpiece of this title even more.

Time to upgrade your monitor

Nikita Prokopov — the creator of Fira Code and one of the biggest font faces for developers under the moon published this article to convince us all to buy a new monitor for programming. To top it off it is full of very interesting typography knowledge and little know facts about macOS and Windows internals and its font rendering mechanisms.

Safari 14

Thanks to amazing people like Jen Simmons joining the Apple Safari team, we can expect soon this browser to catch up to the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. As we can see release notes for Safari 14 Beta, the future for this product is looking promising.

HTML Essential Training

Jen Simmons created this fantastic resource which is available to watch totally for free for on LinkedIn learning hub. It is, as the name suggests, essential training of HTML. Please do not assume that you know everything about the subject because I learned a thing or two from it. She is an amazing teacher and I appreciate Jens input to the web community.

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