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Top picks — 2020 July

Day 1: Chrome Live 2020, Day 2: Chrome Live 2020, Day 3: Chrome Live 2020

Dedicated playlists for Chrome conference. Pick and choose what interests you the most. I am pretty excited about some news announced at this event. My favourite one is the support for Firefox in Puppeteer.


Temporal is an ECMAScript proposal that is trying to solve a long-standing developers frustrations with Date. With its promise of simple API and support for multiple zones and calendars, this looks like one of the most interesting proposals in years to me.

Svelte <3 TypeScript

Svelte contributors take TypeScript popularity very seriously so they decided to enhance tooling to support TS as a first class citizen and maintain it all under the Svelte umbrella organization. No brainer for me, if I am going to look for the next framework to learn in the future, Svelte is on top of my list.

The AWS Serverless Application Model CLI is now generally available

The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) framework is a tool that I spend lats year and a half working with day in day out. It is good to see that this tool finally hits stable release 1.0.0 that comes with few new handy feature and official Docker images managed by AWS.

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