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Top picks — 2020 February

Building the Web We Want

A new initiative in collaboration with Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Samsung Internet and Igalia committed to make the open web a better place. Since now on, this fantastic movement can be supported by the web community, called The Web We Want. This article on CSS-Tricks elaborates about the idea and explains how to get involved.

HTTPS Is Easy!

A little guide by amazing Troy Hunt about the HTTPS configuration with CloudFlare. Subjects like fully encrypted SSL, automatic rewrites, TLS and HSTS are very well explained. I love all the things that Troy is doing for the web platform.


Brand new JavaScript bundler coded entirely in a go language. The first comparison to industry-standard tools is looking very promising. Space worth to follow.

Announcing TypeScript 3.8

This release looks rather revolutionary to me. Something that I struggled with a lot in my current project has now been resolved by type-only imports and exports. Another game-changer is top-level await implemented in the same manner as it is in modern runtimes (Chromium dev tools for example). ECMAScript native private class fields number of new possibilities too. A very solid release that you want to use on your project.

Introducing Firefox and Edge Support in Cypress 4.0

Cypress running on anything other than Google Chrome has been the most anticipated feature request in the history of this project. With the release of version 4.0, the dream comes true by adding support for Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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