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Top picks — 2020 August

Announcing the new TypeScript Website

New website looks great but for me, the most important part of this announcement is new documentation. So part of the previous handbook was so outdated. I am really happy to see all to be like it should in 2020, a bunch of great explainers and the new playground.

Learn GraphQL by Stefan Judis

If you want to learn the basics of GrapgQL and on top of it explore amazing content provider for your next project, you should take this course by Stefan Judis from Contentful team. Concise explanations and practical example. Top resource!

Introducing Rome

This is exciting news. Rome — the toolchain for frontend projects made by Facebook team that is going to combine tools like Babel, ESLint, Prettier, Jest and others into a single dependency. This sounds like a dream. No more hours spent on setting up Prettier that speaks well to ESLint, no more hours spent on Webpack documentation and no more wasted time on Jest configuration to make it work smoothly with Jest. Currently, Rome supports only linting part but we should expect the list of features growing very soon.

Announcing TypeScript 4.0

With no breaking changes, we finally got the next big release of one of the most liked languages in 2020 — TypeScript 4.0. Improvements to working with tuples, class properties inference and a bunch of other features. Check the release blog post to read a quick recap from all 3.x versions and find out the details about the new release.

Leading-Trim: The Future of Digital Typesetting

In the CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3 draft there is a definition of two lines of code that can change the way ho we thing about digital typesetting in the future. It will help to achieve a spacing consistency and incredibly help out to build vertically correct type rhythms.

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