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Top picks — 2020 April

Introducing for Families

Introduced two years ago secure DNS server by Cloudflare became my default resolver. They went step further with this idea and introduced multiple variations of this service dedicated to families. Free of malware and stripped down from adult content. Amazing idea for households with kids!

CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design

Curious Ahmad Shadeed found a lot of interesting CSS patterns in a new Facebook design. Apart from pointing them out, he listed reasons why Facebook engineers decided to use particular solution. Post is decorated with multiple tweets from Facebook developers responsible for implementation of solutions listed in the article. Very good CSS read.

Justin Searls – Please don’t mock me

Great talk about the mocking. Full of great practical tips for the design of an application. I like the vibe of a talk and Justin’s charisma.

GitHub is now free for teams

If you are still skeptical about Microsoft acquiring GitHub some time ago, wait for this news. Private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts for free. This is a sweet announcement!

Understanding TypeScript’s type notation

I should have read this article by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer before I spent ages on official TypeScript documentation. This is a fantastic explanation of the way how TypeScript types notation works.

100vh in iOS Safari

Matt Smith shared a CSS trick that made my day! I am sure you noticed the annoying way how Safari on iOS calculates 100vh. We finally have a solution that gives us a bit more predictable results. Thanks to the height: -webkit-fill-available declaration.

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