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Top picks — 2019 September

Pitching Your Writing To Publications

Recording videos, running personal blog and tweeting helpful stuff are helpful to gain a recognition but writing for reputable services is a next step in leveling up in this industry. Rachel Andrew writes down a great article full of advices how to do it right. From submitting a post, writing pitch, outlining article to creating a quick bio. Very helpful article!

Command Line Heroes

I listen to a lot of podcast but very rarely I come across one that I am willing to recommend and share with other people on my website. This one definitely deserves for this recognition. Command Line Heroes by Red Hat is podcast about the history of programming languages. Short informative and very interesting.

TypeScript vs ReasonML – A Comparison

Oleksandr Dubenko published a comparison between my beloved TypeScript and ReasonML. It was my first exposure to ReasonML and beside the fact that I don’t have a time to learn deeply this language now, I found it very interesting to see a side by side comparison.

Advice for Technical Writing

Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks put together a great list of advices for technical publishers. It is worth to go through this list from time to time. Very helpful resource that deserves for a place in bookmarks list.

Caniuse and MDN compatibility data collaboration

Since my early days on exploring the web platform, Caniuse was my place to to find out about particular feature support across predominant browsers. In terms of documentation, MDN Web Docs (previously known as MDN — the Mozilla Developer Network) is my favorite place to visit. It is amazing to see that these two services are merging their databases to provide even more accurate and detailed results to web creators.

Announcing the FaunaDB Add-on for Netlify

FaunaDB is a low latency serverless cloud database with a native GraphQL interface. Neflity is your best friend when it comes to static website hosting. FaunaDB add-on for Netlify allows these to to communicate so we can start building stateful applications using our beloved JAM stack.

Can I email

I use Can I use always when I am not sure about browser support for particular feature. Luckily I don’t have to build email campaigns anymore, but if I had too, this new service would be my best friend.


A free guide to HTML5 <head> elements. Amazing resource for all web creators.

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