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Top picks — 2019 October

Introducing Sass Modules

Everything that is happening within a CSS in JS space excites me so much but good old plain Sass is still one of my favourite ways of authoring styling. I am very glad to see this software is still actively maintained and new features are being added. Sass Modules is a fascinating concept that should be familiar to developers proficient with any programming language that has a concept of modules. Miriam Suzanne published a great introduction to the new feature on CSS-Tricks.

Stephen Cook - 100% CSS Mario Kart

Stephen Cook built Mario Kart using CSS only. The idea of using :valid and :invalid input for controlling Mario is just genius! This is a very non-production-ready piece of code is amazing and reminds me of one very important thing about my job — keep it fun!

Faces of Open Source

This is a beautiful project! Look and read some info about the creators of projects that you use all the time. I am a big fan — instant follow on Instagram!

Introducing Concurrent Mode (Experimental)

A great guide to get your hands dirty in the experimental concurrent mode in React. This is an update that developers are waiting for since the big famous announcement last year. This is still and work in progress so bear that in mind and do not include any of the patterns presented in this article in production-ready codebase.

The two-value syntax of the CSS Display property

If you are using single value for CSS display property you are so old-school. Rachel Andrew explains the new part of the CSS specification that introduced two-value syntax. Very well explained as always.

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