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Top picks — 2019 November

Variable Fonts: What web authors need to know

A great guide on using CSS Variable Fonts in 2019 by Jason Pamental. If you are building a modern type system this resource comes very handy.

Visual Studio Online

It is happening! My favourite code editor built using web technologies is moving to the place where it belongs to — to the web. Microsoft team just announced a cloud-powered version of Visual Studio Code!

The FaceTime Bug and the Dangers of Implicit State Machines

David K. Piano explains finite state machines using a famous iOS FaceTime bug as an example. It was introduced in one of the past versions of Apple operating system by not paying enough attention to applications state. It is a great, practical explanation of a machine state concept. I have been intrigued by the paradigm for a little while and after reading this article it clicked.

Announcing TypeScript 3.7

Tons of awesome new language, compiler, and tooling features landed to TypeScript 3.7. Optional chaining and nullish coalescing as are those that you are going to see in my codebases a lot.

Chrome Dev Summit 2019

Chrome Dev Summit 2019 videos are live and you can find them all in this one handy playlist. One of these events in the web industry that we should pay attention to. I am planning to watch probably the majority of these talks.


If you have been writing JavaScript for a while now you know that replacing all the instances of the matching pattern in a string can become tricky. To simplify exactly this such a common need replaceAll() is coming to V8.


Google team presented on Google Dev Summit a very cool resource by Philip Walton. This website describes in a very detailed way all the metrics that Google takes into consideration. Handy resource.

CSS Logical Properties

Adrian Roselli published this explainer of logical properties. It is full of interactive demos that help to understand the particular concept better. I am super excited about this set of new properties in CSS specification.

New for AWS Lambda – SQS FIFO as an event source

First-in-first-out finally supported by Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). Such a useful addition for server-less architects.

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