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Top picks — 2019 March

CSS math functions

Are you waiting for the next big thing in CSS? There you go.

KV Storage, the Web’s First Built-in Module

Web platform offers few ways of storing data. The most popular is slow and synchronous localStorage followed by pain-full to use IndexedDB. The first standard JavaScript library (built-in module) is coming to address this issues — KV Storage. Import maps are here to help to resolve a path to a module. This great article by Phil Walton explains all of these.

Sketch raises $20m in Series A funding from Benchmark

A big announcement and official confirmation — team collaboration and Sketch in the browser are coming in 2019. I cannot wait for it.

Designing An Aspect Ratio Unit For CSS

Do you remember a CSS padding hack to implement responsive iframe / embed? The CSS Working Group is working on much more elegant solution for this issue — aspect-ratio property. Rachel Andrew does a fantastic job by presenting a problem and suggesting a solution. This is part of very early drafts of CSS Sizing Specification Level 4 — please, don’t event try using it yet. It has not been implemented to any browser yet.


I am super excited about the concept that Google presented at GDC 2019. Streaming service, with no box required, cross platform and cross device. I am looking forward to an official public announcement.

New Amazon S3 Storage Class – Glacier Deep Archive

Amazon Web Services announced new storage class — Glacier Deep Archive. Even more cost effective cold storage service that costs up to 75% less than the previously the cheapest Glacier. It is just an amazing news for all that use this service as a data backup like I do — “My Amazon S3 photo backup solution”.

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