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Top picks — 2019 December

What is a screen reader?

Screen reader basics explained, how they work and how people with vision impairments use them. This post is full of practical pieces of advice about frontend techniques to improve the accessibility of our web projects. Very helpful resource.

Explaining GraphQL Connections

Since I have been working with GraphQL, the concept of Relay-like connections using edges and nodes was always a bit confusing to me. After reading this article by Caleb Meredith it clicked. Very good explanation.

Quoting in HTML: Quotations, Citations, and Blockquotes

The first article by John Rhea on CSS-Tricks and I am already looking forward to the next one. Good, in-depth read about quotations in HTML.

The State of JavaScript 2019

Every year I look at the result of the annual State of JavaScript with excitement. It is nice to go through this amazingly curated set of data. As always, data visualization is second to none.

Const Assertions in Literal Expressions in TypeScript

Avoid types widening using const assertion. This is a great explainer by Marius Schulz.

20 ways to become a better Node.js developer in 2020

List of solid directions for all Node.js developers. I found tons of great ideas and inspirations here. I cannot recommend enough a series of GitHub repositories by Yoni Goldberg about best testing practices. Worth checking!

Helping Browsers Optimize With The CSS Contain Property

Amazing Rachel Andrew explains The CSS Containment Specification. The CSS contain property has been added to specification for optimization reasons, but can cause some confusion when browser builds and recalculates layout.

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