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Top picks — 2019 August

What webmasters should know about Google’s “core updates”

Webmaster Central Blog published a great bullet-point list of great SEO practices. Pretty much what I do on my website. Worth to skim through for every single content editor and website owner.

How to get experience as a software engineer

Kent C. Dodds writes about gaining a new experience as a software engineer. It is not full of advices that will make you a top developer in no time — totally opposite. It contains just a one solid advice that I am not going to spoil to you — you give it a read.

WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy

Stateful, covert stateful, navigational, fingerprinting and covert tracking are just few popular methods of spying on a user. New WebKit engine prevents all of them out of the box and this policy document goes in depth about them and explains what it means for a platform. Brave but great step forward Apple.

Optional chaining

Optional chaining is coming to JavaScript and it allows us to ditch old hacky solutions to get a value from deeply nested objects. Nice and clean.

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