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Top picks — 2019 April

Inspect Network Activity - Chrome DevTools 101

Made by Google Chrome Developers great tutorial about Google Chrome Network tab. Despite the fact that I use it on daily basis I learned few things from it and I believe that you can get one or two things out of it too.

Have you every tried to create an on-page link to anchor element but it didn’t play nice with your fixed elements? There is a great solution for that now: scroll-margin and scroll-padding.

Native image lazy-loading for the web!

This is one of the best news for performance oriented frontend developers. Addy Osmani shared a gist of an upcoming loading attribute that can be attached to HTML img and iframe tag. Apart from that, this article explains the fallback strategies for browsers that lack support of this feature. Really great news and can’t wait to add loading="lazy" to every single image on this website!

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019

Frontend Master released very comprehensive guide to start your a journey as a Front End Developer in 2019. It is definitely not a 5 minutes read tho.

Optimizing Performance With Resource Hints

Drew McLellan published this insanely helpful article about resource hints. Everything that you want to know about DNS prefetching, preconnecting, resource prefetching and prerendering put together in a single article. This article is a golden for all performance maniacs!

Application State Management with React

Kent C. Dodds about the state management in React applications again! This short article is full of very modern approaches for historically painful to solve problem. Kent is a good teacher!

Announcing a new –experimental-modules

Node.js version 12 is coming soon and new ECMAScript modules implementation is coming with it. The --experimental-modules flag landed back in 2017 in version 8.9.0. The next iteration of it is a big update and this article goes in depth about all the details.

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