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Top picks — 2018 September

React Fire: Modernizing React DOM

Dan Abramov shared future plans for modernizing React DOM called “React Fire”. Some of the major changes are: mirror the browser behavior of input’s value attribute, attaching events on a React root component instead of document, migration from onChange to onInput, events system simplification, class instead of className and more. Unfortunately these innovations will introduce some breaking changes therefore we should expect them in next major release. Following the trend of other modern UI libraries, we say “goodbye” to Internet Explorer 11 support.

React Fire is an effort to modernize React DOM. Our goal is to make React better aligned with how the DOM works, revisit some controversial past decisions that led to problems, and make React smaller and faster.

Practical CSS Scroll Snapping

In my opinion hiding content from user is an anti-pattern but is is unavoidable on some projects so Front End developers came out with multiple solutions over the years. Carousels is one of the solutions that is one of the most frequently used choices — I even built quite popular one. It is an anti-pattern — don’t use it! There is a better way now — native and 100% CSS. This article is one of the best resources out there.

GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code

Since now on you can manage GitHub PRs straight from my favorite code editor. VS Code is getting better and better — shame that I mainly deal with GitLab nowadays because I wish to use this feature more often than I can.

The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX

Taras Skytskyi published this outstanding guide to 101 of good animation principals in UX. There is a tiny animation attached to each of the sections and comparison between commonly used mistakes and good, recommended solution.

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