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Top picks — 2018 November

Faster async functions and promises

Developers from V8 team (JavaScript engine behind the Google Chrome, Node and Electron) shared fascinating news and made developers life a bit easier. There is no room for discussion about “Promise vs async / await” anymore. The engine is much better optimize to work with a second one. If you prefer to watch a video over reading lengthy articles…

Chrome Dev Summit 2018

The 6th Chrome Dev Summit took place on November 12th and 13th! Surely one of the most important events for web professionals. Dive deep, browse the playlist and watch everything that interests you. There is a lot to catch about new performance best practices, tooling and techniques.

The State of JavaScript 2018

It is out with another shocking numbers presented in exceptional way.

A Guide to Custom Elements for React Developers

Great article to get the basics of Custom Elements. I am big fan of embracing the platform, so the author of this article is. Clean comparison to React with pros and cons highlighted.

Presented on Google Summit 2018 cool project with multiple learning paths that will make you a much better web developer. From security, through performance to accessibility. Log-in via your Google account, track your progress and make a web a better place.

“Uncle” Bob Martin - The Future of Programming

Very insightful talk by Robert C. Martin about the past, present and future state of programming. Where we came from, where are we heading to and what should we do to make our job and life of other people much better — worth to hit this play button.

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