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Top picks — 2018 July

npm Joins ECMA International and TC39

This is kind of a big thing, although the post doesn’t explain what kind of benefits we should expect as a community of developers. Subject worth to follow though.

Affinity Designer for iPad

Have you ever used Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer? I love both of these apps and I use them on a daily basis. They are my main reason why I don’t miss Adobe products. Released last year version of Affinity Photo for iPad is absolutely amazing, and I can’t be more excited that Affinity Designer finally landed on Apple’s tablet too! This is not everything that guys from Serif announced — desktop version of Affinity Publisher is coming.

Moment - Pro Camera

From Monday to Friday I am a full time Software Developer for Mindera but on Saturday and Sunday I enjoy myself taking photos and spinning funky records. Photography has always been my big interest and it is probably the most enjoyable part of my life apart from programming. I normally don’t use my mobile to take pictures but if I am going to do so I am going to use Moment since now on. This app is slick, gives a full control over all the settings that I have access to on my professional camera.

Accessibility for Teams

An official website of the United States government created something outstanding for accessibility focused teams. Based on a job-role involved in creating a digital product, it presents a list of core principles to follow that helps to build accessible to everyone project. It is very comprehensive, all in one place and easy to follow.

CSSconf EU 2018 | Philip Walton: Container Queries

Philip Walton from Google team explains the challenge of CSS Container Queries implementation. As an alternative Phil present a well-supported solution using one of my favorite APIs — Resize Observer. If you have never heard about it, go and check my article that walks through the basics of it and shows a practical example. The talk is well summarized and left with few solid predictions.

This.Javascript: State of Browsers

Every three months This Dot hosts a session where representatives of all major technologies elaborate about current state and the future of their products. This time it is all about the browser. Entire screencast is very interesting but if you don’t have a time to watch it all, I have few takeaways for you.

  • variables fonts are ready
  • service workers are ready
  • webP is gaining support across more vendors
  • CSS shapes is something worth to follow

The frustrations of using CSS Shapes and CSS Exclusions

Following the subject of CSS Shapes, Ben Frain elaborates about the initial frustrations of working with this feature. Worth to be aware of these lacking features and quirks.

Announcing TypeScript 3.0

Long time awaited major update of TypeScript is here. Support for async/await, generators, object rest/spread, build modes, better JSX support, unknown type and more.

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