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Top picks — 2018 February


A number of articles that explain complex (more or less) mathematical patterns in a simple words digestible by normal people. When I stumbled upon this website I spent few solid hours on learning new stuff and refreshing my high school skills.


I still love you Sketch but… Tons of competitive tools are coming out and some of them are looking very promising. Figma succeeded by giving designers a great cross-platform alternative that works in a browser. InVision Studio that I mention in one of the previous top picks is another one that is looking very promising just by looking at some of the first things that people built with it. With release date around summer 2018, Phase is joining the group of these tools. First promo videos on a website are looking sweet!

Jake Archibald: In The Loop

This is a must-watch! Jake Archibald from Google and absolutely the best explanation of event loop in JavaScript! Essential talk for all JavaScript developers!

Getting started with Node.js debugging in VS Code

This eight minutes video explains everything that you have to know to get stared with debugging JavaScript & Node programs in Visual Studio Code. I spent lots of time to understand it by reading docs and watching some unofficial YouTube tutorials — this one would be a relief for me back then.


This is what I was waiting for. Extremely useful plugin for Sketch app that bring your ideas to live via few clicks. Animate between artboards, control timeline of animation per object level, interpolate color values, morph SVG shapes, import plain HTML to a client and as a guide for a developer. Currently it is a beta version but the first stable release should and in few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Third party CSS is not safe

Jake Archibald from google team reminds about the danger that comes with using third party scripts and stylesheets. CSS-Keylogging that went crazy on Hackernews the other day inspired Jake to publish this one. I can’t agree with this dude enough! I rarely use any third party resources on my projects and I am keen to get rid of them completely. I am looking at you Disqus section below.

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