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Top picks — 2018 April

Cloudflare and APNIC joined their powers and as a result of this partnership came out. Secure, privacy focused and the fastest ever DNS directory. It takes no time to set it up on your device and you don’t have an excuse not to do so. You can find out more details about it on official blogs of both companies: “Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service” and “APNIC Labs enters into a Research Agreement with Cloudflare”

w descriptors and sizes: Under the hood

Eric Portis from Cloudinary elaborated about a w descriptor from srcset attribute used in markup for HTML responsive images. It is such and Observable makes it really helpful to understand its complexity. I can’t think of a better guy to explain this concept than someone from Cloudinary team.

Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in Javascript

TensorFlow — probably the most popular open-source machine learning framework just released a JavaScript implementation. This is the best option for client side developers to start a journey with ML (machine learning). Medium article is a great explainer, presents some demos and code examples.

How browsers position floats

CSS float property has always been a tricky one to grasp by newcomers. Luckily flexbox and grid are great solutions for things that we always tried to solve by floating elements. For curious ones, this visual demo created by smart Google developers explains the concept very well.

Node v10.0.0 (Current)

Node version 10 released with tons of changes and improvements. Full support for N-API, tons of API changes and few deprecations.

Announcing npm@6

With the release of Node 10 new version on Node Package Manager has been released too. It comes with massive security and performance improvements, some new audit related commands and more. I have a good practical news as well — no more rm -rf node_modules && npm inpm ci does exactly that but much faster.

Tower in Public Beta: Here’s What’s New!

Tower, the best git GUI ever, shares whats new in new version of an app. Pull requests support, new rebase functionality, “Quick Actions”, navigation improvements, better search functionality, history and blame view, detailed commit view and more. Can’t wait!

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