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Top picks — 2017 October

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android: What developers need to know

And it is confirmed — Microsofts browser is coming to Android and iOS devices. WebKit engine provided by iOS in the WKWebView is going to be used on Apple devices — that was the obvious (and probably the only possible) choice. Androids engine is going to be Blink from the Chromium project. Not too late Edge?

Front End Center — Caching & CDNs

Another free episode of Front End Center by Glen Maddern — next top explainer. Cache and CDNs networks is a todays subject. I can’t thank this dude enough for making this fantastic content!

You can get pretty far in making a slider with just HTML and CSS

Chris Coyier collected a great list of tips to build a slider in pure HTML and CSS. Some of these things are not great supported, some of them require nasty vendor prefixes, some are pure browser hacks but overall experience of final result is really impressive! If this kind of a slider doesn’t give you what you need, don’t forget about my very own Siema :P

Firefox Quantum

New generation of one of the most popular browsers is coming. Firefox Quantum apparently is twice as fast and requires 30% less energy than the most popular Google Chrome. Apart from internal changes it is entirely redesigned — screen shots available on demo website look really stunning. Will new Mozilla product shake the world of browsers again — I hope so! November 14th is the day — for now enjoy a beautiful presentation page.

Studio - The world’s most powerful screen design tool

Few years ago Sketch was born. Successful app that entirely changed the UI design game. Adobe XD joined the game. Competition didn’t slow down — fantastic Figma came out with tons of revolutionary features. These are design tools — not a great ones to create interactive prototypes tho. The market of prototyping tools is much more chock-full — Framer, Principle, Marvel, ProtoIO, Flinto, Origami, Napkin and many more. One of the first ones is InVision! Today this one is changing the game (hopefully). Studio — design tool with the whole power of prototyping functionality baked in. Personally I was waiting for a tool that allows me to do these two things in a single app (no, Adobe XD can’t do it well). And this promo video! WOW!

Welcome Adobe XD CC

Boom! Just wrote about InVision Studio just to read another big announcement. Adobe XD is officially out od beta and you can have it for £9.98/month in new Single App plan.

Documenting the Web together

WOW! Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, the W3C and Samsung team up to make MDN Web Docs the best place for web developers to learn and share information about building for the open web. Isn’t that fascinating? Finally something in web dev gets easier.

Chrome Dev Summit 2017

If not the most important, probably one of the most important dev oriented events for web developers just happened in San Francisco this month. This youtube playlist contains all the talks from this two days event and some of them are mind blowing. I’m really excited about the future of WebVR, features and adoption of brand new templating library called lit-HTML and the strong global focus on accessibility and performance. News about PWAs on top of a Wordpress sounds revolutionary too!

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