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Top picks — 2017 November

The Book of Shaders

Are you into a computer graphics? Are you into a math as well? If yes — this is a resource for you. I learned a lot from this book and I can’t believe that this amazing resource is available totally for free. Thanks to talented and super clever Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Jen Lowe.

This book is about the revolutionary computational technique, fragment shaders, that is taking digitally generated images to the next level. You can think of it as the equivalent of Gutenberg’s press for graphics. Fragment shaders give you total control over the pixels rendered on the screen at a super fast speed. This is why they’re used in all sort of cases, from video filters on cellphones to incredible 3D video games.

Introducing Visual Studio Live Share

A collaborative working in a real time is something that lots of digital tools implemented recently. Figma, Google Docs, iWork apps and many more. Today Microsoft is joining the bandwagon and announces Live Sharing. The demo video on the website is looking fantastic.


O wow! Ana Travas created this amazing collection of smooth CSS animations ready to copy and paste into your project. This is such an cool resource!

Dynamic import()

Mathias Bynens from V8 team explains a syntax of dynamic import() in JavaScript and provides a great practical example. Clear comparison between static import helped me a lot to grasp the new concept.

The Intimidating Zero

The sad truth about publishing nowadays.

CSS element() function

This article literally blown my mind! CSS element can draw an image based on a reference to id of a HTML element. Again! Image from HTML element! Played around with it a little while and I’m shocked! Firefox only — gutted!

Take control of your scroll: customizing pull-to-refresh and overflow effects

You know this situation when you have a multiple scrollable elements on a page — lets say a main content and chat-box in the corner of your Facebook window. How many times you left a cursor of a conversation window because you overscrolled it? CSS comes with some solution — overscroll-behavior. Never again JavaScript hacks on a fixed navigations.

Getting Started With CSS Math Functions Level 4–cms-29735

Dennis Gaebel published a great intro to the magic of CSS Math Functions Level 4. It allows us to clamp values in very intuitive way — no more messy CSS locks. Can’t wait to see this implementation across the browsers.

Memory don’t forget to take out the garbage

The best explanation of garbage collector, memory bloat and memory leaks ever. The reason of a problem and potential solutions presented in easy to digest JavaScript examples.

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