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Top picks — 2017 May

Four Killer Features of Nunjucks

Chris Coyier gives us a nice introduction to his favorite features in a new templating language — Nunjucks. It takes Mustache and Handlebars to the next level. The easiest way to play around with it are recently announced CodePen projects.


“A tool for making JavaScript code run faster” is the official pitch of a new tool — Prepack. The idea is brilliant — eliminate compilation at run-time and delegate as much optimization logic to compilation. Looking forward to see Prepack out of beta. Really nice explanation of what it does internally and how to use it is here. Sebastian McKenzie — one of the authors — explains the concept of faster initialization on this video from React Europe 2016.

Tom Hudson - Writing Readable Code

A number of great advices of writing human readable code by Tom Hudson. It is just a 15 minutes presentation that every developer should give a quick watch with morning coffee.

Why I Abandoned @apply

Do you remember one of the recent CSS proposal to create basic mixins to CSS via @apply keyword? I even published a short article about it the other day. OK — it’s been ditched by the author. The only thing what we can do now is to wait for a better solution that hopefully will come at some point.

There’s plenty more space to experiment here, and while it does suck to lose a tool that you might have gotten excited about, @apply really is just quite a bad idea technically. Let’s solve these problems correctly.

Prototyping in Sketch is here—powered by inVision

I head a chance to test Adobe XD on one of the recent project. The thing that I really liked about it was the ease of creating interactive prototypes. It would be cool if we could do it in Sketch! Thanks inVision — it is looking really good.

npm v5.0.0

Wowowowowow npm@5!

It is a big wow. We were waiting for big update of npm for months. Better performance, offline support out of the box, lockfiles, --save keyword as a default install command flag, more user friendly log output are just a few big changes in a new manager.

What Is Event Bubbling in JavaScript? Event Propagation Explained

This subject confused me so much when I started working with DOM for a first time. Giulio Mainardi did a really amazing job in explaining concept of event propagation, capturing and bubbling. Quick read for all DOM devs.

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