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Top picks — 2017 July

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Authentication in Node.js

Not any new, but very helpful to understand authentication process between the client and node server. Randall Degges explains everything really clearly step by step.

If you have a disability, what’s the hardest thing about browsing the web?

Very insightful discussion on the twitter under Safia Abdallas tweet. Eye opening comments present that accessibility is a big concern of an internet nowadays. Some helpful people summarized this discussion into meaningful categories.

The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL

I’m not a back end developer and I normally don’t think about the API design to work nicely with front-end part of a project. Very recently I entered the world of Node.js development seriously and I embraced things like REST API, requests, responses, headers etc. A moment after that I came across this amazing resource about GraphQL. I understand it! It is superb! Can’t recommend this series of free tutorials enough.

Flash & the future of interactive content

Steve Jobs was right — there is no future for Flash content on the web and Adobe just confirmed that. I took them a while. The official notice provides a date — end of 2020 — when Adobe Flash support will be absolutely discontinued. Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozzilla put few words for their products users as well.

Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff

I heard of Figma for a first time just few months ago and today I came across another big news about this product! The biggest competitor for my beloved Sketch just hit a version 2.0. The development pace of this company is impressive. Brand new prototyping mode is definitely a handy feature having it built into the same tool that we use to design beautiful things. Developer hand-off is a massive time saver (from front end developer perspective). You can watch a quick presentation of both new features on great videos made by Scott Tolinski (prototype mode and dev hando-ff). I’m looking forward to play around with new features and you will definitely hear more about it from me shortly.

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