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Top picks — 2017 January

TypeScript: the missing introduction

One of my colleagues recommended me TypeScript the other day as a thing that I necessarily need to have a look at — future of JS. I was stubborn for quite a while until I came across this great primer to TypeScript by James Henry. It just makes sense! JavaScript is first (and the only one) programming language that I know and I didn’t really understand concept of types from other languages. I learned a lot about coercion and explicitly used it in my applications. This article made my life a bit easier and I commit myself to dig deeper into TS.


Tyler Gaw built a great tool that is insanely helpful to understand CSS color functions! ColorMe allow you to preview code generated by applying new filter to base colors. It is a React app built on top of Create React App. More about building process on Tyler’s blog post. Thanks for creating it mate!

Sublime Tutor

New to Sublime Text? This plugin will make you a ST hero in few hours. Such a great idea! Thanks Jai Pandya.

Native ECMAScript modules - the first overview

Finally it is happening — the best part of ECMAScript 2015 specification is just coming to the browsers (beginning of 2017, yeah). Safari 19 Technical Preview and Edge 15 ( with the flags enabled) allow us to use native js modules without using bundlers like Webpack or Browserify. Serg goes in depth about it and shows some working examples. Thanks for this write up!

webpack 2.2: The Final Release

We were waiting for it ages and its finally here. Final release of second version of the best module bundler in JavaScript community is ready! Check the new version and go through migration guide on new official docs.

Understanding the Critical Rendering Path

Such a helpful article to understand critical rendering mechanism in the browser by Ire Aderinokun. Every single step well explained followed by screenshot of “Performance” tab from Google Chrome Canary which clarify the whole process even more.

Solving the Web Performance Crisis

Nolan Lawson about web performance bloat that is a mainly fault of JavaScript. Number of great tricks and trips and tons of great advices related to currently popular workflows / toolchains.

The global object in Javascript: a matter of platforms, unreadable code and not breaking the internet

Stefan Judis explains the current (very messy) state of global object in multiple JavaScript environments. Really cool article that points out great tip of using function constructor as a argument inside IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) to return global object.

Announcing Ionic 2.0.0 Final

Ionic working closely with Angular team just announced a stable version of of of the best mobile frameworks ever made — Ionic 2. It is based on Angular 2, written in ES2015, packed with tons of new components, easier theaming, boosted performance and new shiny docs. Nice!

Implementing “Save For Offline” with Service Workers

Moving out to New York city and facing poor mobile connection can be a great insightful experience. Thats why Una Kravets implemented recently a “Save for Offline” feature on her personal website. Really great and well explained tour to basics of Service Worker.

The Promise of a Burger Party

Do you like burgers but for some reason still don’t understand a concept of Promises in JavaScript? Mariko Kosaka published another sketched explanation — Promise is a main subject of this one. Such a great idea, cool illustration and fantastic sense of humor.

This.JavaScript 01/28 - Vue, React, Angular, RxJS, Polymer & Ember

What happened with number of best JS frameworks in 2016 and what is a road map for 2017? Answers for those and many more interesting questions you can get on this session with creators of these popular tools. Personally I’m hipper excited that the React will return multi-element components from render method.

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