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Top picks — 2017 February

New Roadmap for Future of Publishing is Underway as W3C and IDPF Officially Combine

This is biggie! W3C responsible for technologies like HTML, CSS, SVG, XML and WCAG combines powers with IDPF that developed the EPUB standard. Future of publishing is much brighter after this announcement. Another great reason to care more about semantic and accessible markup. The difference between books and web pages gets even thinner now.

HTML & CSS is hard (But it doesn’t have to be)

I love web and day by day I love it even more. It’s been a long and interesting learning curve to gain the skills that I have and I’m sure it will be fun to embrace it even more in the future. I cannot imagine to star my journey with web development today — where to start, how to start, what to do, who should I follow? This resource seems to be an amazing primer for beginners. It is well explained, beautiful and really comprehensive.

JavaScript Start-up Performance

Addy Osmani about performance, who else?! Must read for all js devs. As this article clearly presents it is not always about file size. V8 is fantastic with doing an performance optimization for you but it doesn’t handle every scenario. Don’t dispatch your responsibilities to engine — care about it yourself. Such a great in depth read.

An Animated Intro to RxJS

Thanks David Khourshid, it clicked. Great explanation of RxJS a library to work in reactive style with data. CSS example is only one of the amazing examples how you can use power of RxJs. It is a big part of async workflow of big frameworks like Angular and other ones. It is a great paradigm that it is worth to know.

Testing Your Frontend Code : Part I (Introduction)

Gil Tayar published an introduction to testing front-end frameworks on hackernoon. It is a initial part from three-parts series but it is already looking promising. Looking forward to following posts.

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