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Top picks — 2017 August

Hate Comic Sans? You don’t know anything about typography

Do you hate Comic Sans? Of course you do. Do you have a strong opinion about it or just follow the crowd? Thomas Payne shares his perspective and gives tons of interesting insights and facts about the most disliked typeface ever. I found extremely interesting the words of Comic Sans author…

Vincent Connare, designer of Comic Sans, said, “if you love Comic Sans, you don’t know anything about typography. But if you hate Comic Sans, then you don’t know anything about typography either… and you should get another hobby”.

Front End Center — Crafting Webfont Fallbacks

Glen Maddern (the guy behind Front End Center) recorded another video that is the best explainer of a subject ever made. This episode is all about webfonts fallback. Very detailed introduction that highlights all potential issues, list of potential solutions and practical implementation using Font Face Observer. All the videos by this dude that I saw so far are top noche. I have to consider his support and apply for premium plan of Front End Center.

Compression Decompressed or, Making Things Smaller: A Visual Introduction

A great visual guide to compression, compression ratio and Kolmogorov complexity by Jack Preston. Very well presented! Great sense of humor.

UnityScript’s long ride off into the sunset

The time is now! Unity decided to ditch JavaScript-like syntax (to be totally correct — UnityScript). There is just 0.8% of developers who rely on this syntax. There is no better time to learn C# fellaz :) As a developer very new to Unity ecosystem I started my journey with C# few weeks back and actually it is very enjoyable language to work with! Good luck guys!

Using ES2017 Async Functions

This is the best comparison of callbacks, promises and async / await functions in JavaScript. Worth to have a quick read for all of you who struggle with an asynchronous code.

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