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Top picks — 2016 September

The Case for Custom Elements

Great intro followed by another part about native Custom Elements. Rob Dodson did a great job explaining the concept and practical use case of new API that is coming to out browsers soon.

The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess

A mandatory read for teachers, content writers, designers, developers, digital product managers and also clients. Don’t be lazy. Read it and make the web a better place. Thanks for write up Mischa Andrews.

Why there is no CSS4 - explaining CSS Levels

CSS Module levels explained. Thanks Rachel!

Angular 2

After 6 years of releasing initial version of Angular, we finally got a second version of one of the most popular JavaScript framework. Improved performance, modularity and support for desktop and mobile devices are main features. Documentations looks amazing compared to previous version!

A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features

The biggest update to Github platform yet. Projects allows to easily organize issues, pull requests and notes directly from repository. New ways or code reviews finally looks like it should ages ago. New profile view, brand new API to integrate your tool with Github and much more…

Homebrew 1.0.0

Finally, after 7 years of development Homebrew (the missing package manager for mac OS users) hit the stable 1.0.0 version.

A cartoon guide to Flux

Have you ever wondering what the whole Flux buzz is about, what it does, how does it work? That is probably the easier to digest guide around the web. Thanks Lin Clark for a great write / draw up. Next one about Redux is equally cool!

Loading Polyfills Only When Needed

Philip Walton about loading polyfills in the most convenient way for users of the most recent browsers and the most optimal for browsers that partially support required set of features. Great article and great simple to follow solution.

Mark Robbins | Modern CSS and interactive email | CSS Day 2016

I promise, I will never complain for complexity of some JavaScript applications again. This talk literally blown my mind! Proper interactivity in email clients explained by Mark Robbins. Mind blowing!

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