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Top picks — 2016 October

Vue 2.0 is Here!

After few months of working, 8 alphas, 8 betas and 8 rcs the new version of one of the most popular frameworks is here. Rewritten rendering layer makes it one of the fastest frameworks out there. JSX support, server side rendering and works across Web, iOS and Android! I had a pleasure to built one project with it already and it was probably the easiest journey “from zero to hero”. Great documentation full of examples under every section, very active community and amazing CLI makes it really solid framework.

How React Do?

Jeff Fowler and his deep dive into very basics of react. Great read for curious React beginners.

Flex-grow 9999 Hack

Cleaver flexbox trick. Two elements spread in single line only when there is enough room and nicely fill the view with elements under neath of each other. I ❤︎ flexbox.



To make the conclusion of a great article by Christian Heilmann even stronger, I’m coming with another reason to show you the power of pure CSS. Mind blown!

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript

JavaScript doesn’t slow down. Guys from Facebook, Google and Tilde put together a package manager of 2016. The main difference is speed and security. After quick tests it is incredibly fast and works offline out of the box! Looking forward to see the progress of it.

Lea Verou - CSS Variables

CSS Custom Properties (called CSS Variables by many people) are going to change the way how we write our styling. On this talk Lea presents few super cool tricks that lean on CSS Variables. Fantastic talk! If you need a very basic primer, these are two articles that I published the other day: “CSS Custom Properties explained” & CSS mixins with @apply rule.

How the Web Became Unreadable

I don’t entirely agree with an author of this article but Kevin Marks makes a really good point here. A quick story about design trends that breaks the most important principle of the web - accessible for everybody. Great read.

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