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Top picks — 2016 May

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Implement DOM methods: prepend, append, after, before and replaceWith

Looks like a jQuery highly influenced a spec creators to implement easier to memorize methods in Document Object Model. I like it so much! Available in Chromium soon.

An Ultimate Guide To CSS Pseudo-Classes And Pseudo-Elements

Everything that you need to know about pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements in CSS. Ricardo Zea did a good work on Smashing Magazine. I didn’t know about few of them. Hopefully you will learn something that you didn’t know about.

What editor do you use? - FunFunFunction #31

Another episode of FunFunFunction comes with golden advice for myself. I feel guilty of being a tools addict. I like the concept and explanation of work vs. meta work. Worth to watch if you sometimes feel that you spend too much time on tooling instead of product that your client is paying for.

Side Navigation Bar: Live Code Session - Supercharged

Another fantastic live coding session with Paul Levis & Surma. This time theoretically simple side navigation effect until it doesn’t require swipe event to hide it. I really like the approach taken by Googlers to do it.


We had 3 browsers for last decade and nothing really changed apart from usage percentage. 2016 brought a revolution and since begging of a year we got a number of new products on the market. Blisk is another one. This one is a browser focused to make developers life easier by implementing a set of tools unavailable in other products. It’s ready to download for Windows computers, Mac and Linux owners need to wait a bit more.

Learn Redux

Learn Redux is a new course by Wes Box. Top free resource for all React dudes!

Google I/O 2016

I watched them all pretty much. Google is definitely one of the most influential company in the web. You shouldn’t miss any of these brilliant talks from Google I/O 2016. My main outcome — embrace the platform, learn it and know the web standards.


Jon Kuperman inspired by great Laracast created a similar collection of resources about JavaScript. I can’t believe that this amazing set of videos is available for free for everybody to watch. Top free resource!

Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript

Really great primer to prototype inheritance in JavaScript by Kevin Ennis. God stuff, and dude worth to follow!

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