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Top picks — 2016 June

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

CSS Will Change Module Level 1

I took me a while to understand will-change property. It clicked when I asked Paul Lewis from Google when I bumped into him at some London conference. Finally there is a piece of spec dedicated to this tricky one-liner. If you are into crazy CSS transitions and animations and you have never heard of this property, give it a quick glance to boost performance of your effects.

Linear algebra for game developers

Do you remember a very basic linear algebra from school times? If yes, you may consider to jump to game development my friend. It is extremely interesting read about usage of linear equations in world of game makers.

API Patterns for Your Open Source JavaScript Plugin

Bryan Braun created a great list of commonly used patterns to design simple Javascript plugin API. Lots of code examples and references to popular plugins or libraries that follow particular pattern.

CSS Modules Demos

If you are totally new to CSS Modules, ruanyf made this very helpful tutorial series available to clone and playground with it. Every single example is well described and explained. So helpful my friend — thanks a lot!


This is not the best place to look for some creative inspiration but today I need to make an exception. This website blown my mind by the wicked ideas that I experienced with every single click. Just check it!

Contempt Culture

I feel guilty of being hater of one of these X language, X operating system, X method of doing things choices. This article gave me a great point of view and I commit myself to stop this bullshit. You do it too please. Really inspiring article by @aurynn.

Form Validation UX in HTML and CSS

Chris Coyier is coming with really great article full of tips and tricks about pure CSS forms validation. Its doesn’t suggest that this is the only way and you should avoid Javascript or server-side validation, but presents a number of really useful and lesser known techniques that you may use in your day-to-day projects. Give it a read!

Practical JavaScript (early access)

Gordon Zhu, previously worked at Google and now works on his own and in my opinion really successful teaching platform — The most recent course that he made is one of the best primers to JavaScript that I have ever seen. It definitely deserves to be added to list of my favourite resources to learn JavaScript. I encourage everyone who is aiming to start career as a JavaScript programmer to have a look at this series of free videos. Well done Gordon!

The Essential Meta Tags for Social Media

Implementation of meta tags required to correctly present your content in social media has always been tricky. Open graph and Twitter cards meta tags look almost as messy as the code required to correctly implement a favicon that works great on all devices. This blog post sums things up really well and as final result we ended up with just five lines of code. Great quick read for all social media users.


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    Gordon Zhu

    Thanks for the Practical JavaScript shoutout Pawel!

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    • Pawel Grzybek
      Pawel Grzybek

      Very good stuff! Thanks for doing that. You have a real talent for reaching man!

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        Gordon Zhu

        Thanks Pawel! Have you taken a look at the members' content at

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