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Top picks — 2016 July

The :target Trick

A really clever trick with CSS :target pseudo_element by Ire Aderinokun. You may not need JavaScript if you know CSS well. Probably it is not very accessibility friendly and not the best supported solution ever, but it is still very cool! I encourage you to follow Ire’s great blog. Loots of cool stuff like this one to come!

ES6 for Humans

ECMAScript2015 (or ES6) gave a JavaScript second life. If you still live in a world of a old version and want to grasp a fresh skills related with recent upgrade — this link is for you. Fantastic collection of main features from the new spec with short description. It includes just an essence of everything that you need to know to get started with modern JavaScript. Deepak Grover did an amazing job. If you fancy to read more in depth about new add-ons I encourage you to check ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points by Nicolás Bevacqua or read en epic book by Kyle Simpson “You Don’t Know JS: ES6 & Beyond”.

You Don’t Need Javascript

It is very impressive what people do just with CSS. Previous example by Ire is one of them, but this collection is fool of similar tricky snippets. A great repo worth to follow. Game examples are mind blowing!

3 Easy Performance Wins for Designers💁

Happy Una comes with three solid advices for digital designers. Must read, Yes, you — read it and stop sending me PSDs with 11 font faces please. Bye the way, I love Una’s emojis in post URLs.

Temporal dead zone (TDZ) demystified

This term is floating around on twitter for some time. Initially I knew that it must be something related with new behavior of let and const hoisting. Kind of right, but there is so many details that all js divs needs to be aware of. UltCombo explains it really well!

The Search For The Holy Grail: How I Ended Up With Element Queries, And How You Can Use Them Today

The founder of CSS Element Queries Tommy Hodgins introduces a concept of his project. It is a thing that developers has been waiting for since media-queries got a first adoption few years ago. Let me quote an author what kind of a problem EQCSS solves.

But when designing plugins and interfaces with element queries, we can easily write responsive styles that cover all of the situations we anticipate, making them truly bulletproof, no matter what content the user puts inside or where the plugin shows up. Suppose we could style a widget with layouts ranging from 150 to 2000 pixels wide. Then, no matter where that widget is displayed on a website, it would always look great.

ES6 for everyone by Wes Bos

Great Wes Bos is coming with new amazing series. This one is really outstanding. 66 videos about all new funky ES6 buzzwords that you constantly see on twitter but don’t understand yet. The whole series is full of practical examples and of course Wes’ funny sense of humor. Best spent few pounds this month!


Extremal talented young fella recently hired by Facebook — Dan Abramov — few days ago revealed a project that he was working of for last several weeks. Create-react-app is highly inspired by Ember CLI tool that allows you to get your react app running in few seconds. If you have ever tried to configure webpack to speak nicely with your app, you know exactly how time consuming task it is. This one allows you to jump on productive part of building your project in blink of an eye.

New video Policies for iOS

Woho! Finally apple chilling out with very strict politics about HTML5 video tag on iOS. No more image fullbacks — thanks Apple. We ate still waiting for Service Workers on Safari thought :)

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